Trainer is a man of Ideas & Ideology, a quick Learner & an excellent Teacher, a charismatic Counselor, a dynamic Motivator and a life changing Trainer. People call him a Magician and Friends recall as a Magnet. A multitasking, tough personality and religious Thakur has all professional attributes with aesthetic emotional touch. His academic experience along with marketing skill and training quality always add the values to the company's long term objectives.


Trainer in his program emphasizes on Mind Power, balancing Health, Emotions, Career, Family & Behavioral skills. He also speaks on Leadership Management, Stress management, Creativity, Self Image, Public Speaking and Relationship. The objective of his entire program is to create a new energy, mind set and a desire to lead a creative LIFE.

His workshops and seminars are outcomes of a deep research based on his personal life journey, interaction with people, real case studies, participation in various program and extensive reading habits.