Maats Executive

Prof. S.N. Kulkarni


Chancellor (Designate)
Dhauladhar Hills University, Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)
Former –
Vice Chancellor – Noida International University, Uttar Pradesh
Vice Chancellor – Mangalayatan University, Uttar Pradesh
Director &CEO – Indus International University, Himachal Pradesh

Managing Director – Dawn Management Consultancy.
Managing Director – MARSAS Agrovet Limited.
Chief Executive Mentor – Maats Value Pvt Ltd.

Former- CEO –Spring Education Ventures Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
Former- Advisor – Teerthankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad
Former- Advisor – Monad University, Ghaziabad
Former- Advisor – Echelon Institute of Technology, Faridabad
Former- Scientist – Defence Research & Development
  Organization, Delhi
Association with many more national & international organizations

“Prof. S.N. Kulkarni has many firsts to his name in the field of academics. He is the Youngest VICE-CHANCELLOR of a University in India. He also happens to be the Youngest DIRECTOR of a Technical / Engineering Institute approved by the Government of India. Prof. Kulkarni has a Honorary D.Sc. in Information Technology besides having a Pre-Doctorate degree in Energy Studies. His Bachelors & Masters is in the faculty of Electronics. He has varied experience in research & academia for over a decade and a half.He has set examples in teachingas well as research practices in India&abroad. He has been instrumental in conceptualizing, initializing & establishing a number of academic institutes. He has been the Director of many institutions imparting formal training in Engineering, Energy, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Mass Communication, Biotechnology & Management faculties. Prof. S.N. Kulkarni was awarded Commemorative Medal of Honor,Hallmark 2000 by the American Biographical Institute,Inc.USA in 1999 for Exceptional Humanitarian & Professional accomplishments. He has also been appointed to the Research Board of Advisors of this prestigious organization since 2000. He has been the President of Energy Forum at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He has worked as an Invigilator &Examiner for the Cambridge International College, UK. An active member of the IEEE inc. USA & the IET UK, he has been championing the cause of Technology & education for more than a decade.” Specialties Education Management Administration Consultancy Establishment Task execution Visualize and Implement Liaison.

S.K. Thakur


Managing Director – MAATS Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Director- MARSAS Agrovet Limited
Former –
Chief Trainer with Herbalage Pvt Ltd (
Chief Trainer with Sambhav Sales Pvt Ltd .
Sr. Lecturer & Hostel warden with Mangalayatan University.

Vice President Marketing with VSI Pvt Ltd.
Founder Of - Perfect Home Tutor.
- Maats Edudigest Info Solution,
- eMarg Foundation (NGO)

Associated with Guru n Guide Training & Consultancy,
Ojaswini Infratech Pvt Ltd, Dawn Management Consultancy.

Shudhir Thakur, a man of Ideas & Ideology, a quick Learner & an excellent Teacher,a charismatic Counselor , a dynamic Motivator & a life changing Trainer. People call him a Magician and Friends recall as a Magnet. A multitasking,tough personality and religious Thakur has all professional attributes with aesthetic emotional touch. His academic experience along with marketing skill and training quality will certainly add the values to the company’s philosophy.

A.K. Thakur

Director – MAATS Consultants Pvt Ltd.
Director – Perfect Home Tutor.
Director – Maa Consultancy.
Arvind Thakur is the one who has proved that experience is the best teacher of the life, and learning is a continuous process. He knows the market psychology and buyer’s inherent desire which turned him into a classical sales guru. MCPL feels happy to have such a great counselor associated with it.

Maats Partners

Prof. Dhiraj Chauhan.

B.Sc., MBA

Chief Mentor in Kanwhizz Infra Corporation (I) ltd. Uttar Pradesh.
Director - Guru n Guide Training & Consultancy.
Director - Maxx Pluss Educations.
Asst. Prof. & (HOD) of Persona Enhancement and Motivational Training Department of MU Aligarh. Had Association with Surya Group, Swadeshi Marketing, Herbalage Pvt. Ltd. RMP Infotech and many more…….

Prof. Dhraj Chauhan is an excellent Learner,Trainer & Logician. He is an architect of Human Enggineering and has been drafting the carrer of thousands since 2000.The cool and very disciplined Dhiraj really means the name chosen by his parents.The association with several social organization shows his interest in public cause. The dream which ignited him to become an entreprenur has growen ever better in association with bold and beautiful talanted lady Juhi Chauhan.She is intelligent academically,brilliant in education & developent and genius in family psychology.Maats feel pride having such a great couple with us.

Mrs. Juhee Chauhan.

M.Sc., MBA

Director - Maxx Pluss Educations.
Expertise in :-
Stress Management Technique, Power of Sub-Conscious Mind,
Law of Attraction, Brain Development Technique, Abacus, Vedic Maths,
Personality development, Handwriting improvements, Speed writing, Speed reading, Calligraphy & Family management.

Anil Gupta.

(Life Management Coach and Mind power Trainer)
C.M.D Matrachaya Management consultant Pvt Ltd
Owener-Traning is my Passion Institute
EX AIR FORCE PERSON *Writer of book Vichhar hi jeevan hai
Specialized In:-
Mind Power Workshop      * Memory Power Workshop
* Successful Parenting         * How to Enjoy Your Study
* Leadership Development    * Time Management Skil
* Stress Management    * Power of Subconscious Mind

Anil Gupta is a Motivational Speaker & Mind Power Trainer. He is working in the field of Persona Development since 2002. He has been giving training on marketing skills, public speaking, presentation skills, communication skills, mind power and personality development for various organitions, like Swadeshi Marketing, Matrachhaya Life Assurance Consultant Pvt Ltd, Appliq Airways Academy Pvt Ltd and many other institutes and social groups. People from almost walks of life like-Corporate Professionals, Entreperneurs, Govt. Officers & Teachers, Doctors, Advocates, Insurance Agents, Management Students and other have benifited from his programme. Anil gupta in his programme emphasizes on Mind Power, Balancing Health, Emotions, Career, Family & Behavioral Skills. He also speakes on Leadership Quality, Communication,Stress Management,Creativity,Self Image, Public Speaking and Relationship.The objective of his entire program is to create a new energy, mindset and a desire to lead a creative life.

Rajpurohit Rakesh Narayan Acharya

Astrologer & Life Counselor.
Vedik Karam Kand Pooja.
Bhagwat Katha Vachak.
Yantra, Tantra & Mantra Visheshgya.
Director of Genius Life Counseling.
Founder of Vishwa Sneh Jan Mangal Dham Trust, Vrindavan Mathura.

Sh. Rajpurohit Rakesh Narayan Acharya ji blessed us his holy divine knowledge and services to MAATS by being an associate partner with us. We are very much obliged for such a great gift given by him to all of Maats associates and portal users. The goddess of Knowledge and Voice is so kind on him that he has been gifted many talents from his childhood. He is an energetic orator, perfect astrologer and complete Karam Kand Pandit. He knows and speaks Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Marwari, Nepali, Avadhi, Brij Bhasha and Bhojpuri. Maats is very thankful to him.