Maats General Policies

1.  Application of becoming registered user/consumer/advisor/distributor as signing up as Maats Value Young Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES):

a.  To register with M/s Maats Consultants Private Limited {the Company} (hereinafter also called as Maats Value) as its registered user/consumer/advisor/distributor, one has to complete and sign a Registered User/Advisor Agreement cum User/Buyer/Advisor Activation Form and it must be submitted to the company, its branched or authorized Local Franchisee Centre for which Cash Bill and payment receipt will be issued immediately. On completing and signing the User/Advisor Agreement cum User/Buyer/Advisor Activation Form, the person agrees to bind himself/herself with the Terms and Conditions and related Rules and Regulations of the Company.

b.  Sign-up options: One can sign up as User/Buyer or Associate Advisor/Distributor by subscribing for any of the Maats Value Packages offered by the Company or just by the purchasing the products of his/her choice worth Rs.1000/- or more on printed MRP. Details are given in the product brochure/website or from company office.

2.  Eligibility for Individuals to become a registered user/ consumer/advisor/ distributor: Registration with Maats Value is optional; one may choose from several products/ Services/ Package to purchase of the products of his choice

3.  Registration Status:

a.  Legal Spouse is required to register as one. They will be given one Unique ID.

b.  Application in the name of any organization likes corporation, co-operative, partnership or any other entity is generally not accepted without the prior approval of the company. Therefore a person or persons who wishes to apply in such names, or intends to change his or her status of registration with the Company from an individual to a firm, to that of an enterprise or partnership, is required to obtain the prior written approval of the Company. Further, as a requirement, that entity must submit a board resolution indicating the appointed officer or authorized person to represent and register on behalf of the entity.

4.  Registration Fee: There is no registration fee. Anyone can sign up with the Company by just purchasing a Maats Value Product Packages or Products/ Services Offered by its Associated Partner companies, of their choice of worth Rs.1000/- or more.

5.   Maats Consultants Welcome Kit: MCW Kit contains company profile brochures, Business Manual, User/ Advisor Activation Form, Products leaflets etc. Any other publicity material other than those issued by the company should be distributed only with prior permission/authorization of the company. Any deviation from the above will be viewed seriously.

6.  Purchase Order: Products should be purchased from the company or from authorized Franchisee Centers only by presenting the Consultants ID (Welcome Letter) or just by telling the ID No verbally. It can also be done through payment gateway from our website; and Telephonic Order may also processed on Cash on Delivery Basis for certain places (see website). Cash Bills/Online Bills will be issued on every purchase. Purchases made after the end of the month are not allowed to be back-dated from the date of purchase.

7.  Referral Sales Volumes, Performance/Royalty Bonuses & Rewards etc:

a.  Monthly Incentive Statements: Advisors/Distributors monthly Incentives/Bonus together with a computerized printout of their earning and growth-line activity is released between 7th and 15th of the month. Upon receiving the monthly statement or getting it printed online from our website, Advisors/Distributors should check properly to ensure the accuracy of the figures within 30 days from the receiving date after which the company reserves the right to ignore any enquiry.

b.  Associate Registration Bonus (ARB) and Products Repurchase Bonus (PRB): ARB & PRB are combined in your usable wallet after deduction of TDS and other Handling Charges as per applicable. Usable A/c Wallet can be used for products purchase, and many other utility services –

8.  Transfer of rights: A Registered user/consumer/advisor/distributor is as an independent contractor may transfer or assign the contract by gift or sale. Nevertheless the Company reserves the right of approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld. To receive written approval, notarized copies of the gift, transfer or bill of sale must be forwarded to the Company.

9.  Inheritance: Upon the death or disability of a registered user/ consumer/ advisor/ distributor, the contract and all rights will pass to their beneficiary. However, if the spouse is also a part of the agreement, bonus payments will cntinue to be made without interruption. The Company shall require photocopy of the death certificate.

10.  Rights over the territory: No Advisor/Distributor has any rights over any territory.

11.  No Demotion of Status: The Advisor once achieved his/her designation or ranked will remain stable; there is no any demotion of status in the distributor’s hierarchy.

12.  Involvement in Other Marketing / Direct Selling Company: Maats Consultants Pvt Ltd does not bar its Associates at all from joining or involving directly or indirectly (including proxy) by any means in other Direct Selling Company's activity, as we at Maats Consultants believe that such barring are the violation of one’s basic rights or human rights. So we fully appreciate others to explore the unlimited possibility of the noble concept of making network of like minded-fun-loving-peace-seeking souls.

13.  Amendment to Rules and Regulations: The Company reserves the right to amend, modify, alter or change the Rules and Regulations without prior notice. However, the company will exhaust every effort to announce such amendments to all affected parties before implementation at the earliest possible time.